Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to get Famous on Youtube

If you make Youtube videos, your ultimate goal is to become really famous on Youtube. You want to get known and get your name out there all over Youtube. Whether you're a singer, an artist, a comedian, an expert in some field, or just a cool personality, getting famous on Youtube can be really beneficial. If you get famous on youtube, you can get a lot more views on all your videos, and you will probably have a lot of subscribers.

But how do you get famous on Youtube?

The first thing you need to do to get famous on youtube is obvious. Create great videos! If you don't have really great videos, you'll never really be famous. But if you're reading this, you already know you have great videos! So what's the next step? It's really hard to get your videos to catch on on their own. If you get really really lucky, one of your videos might go viral and make you famous. But that isn't very likely. Most of the time, you will need to work very hard to get famous on Youtube. But sometimes it helps to have a little boost in terms of people viewing your videos. That's where Fireviews comes in. If you post your Youtube videos on Fireviews, you can get a ton of people to view them. Fireviews gets people to view your videos and leave feedback and comments on them. So not only is it a great place to find an audience for your videos, but you will also find out what people think about them. If a lot of people leave comments telling you that they don't like something about your videos, you will know that you have to change something about them before you can get famous. But if they tell you they like them, you will be well on your way to becoming famous on Youtube. Go and create a Fireviews profile to get started, and you will see very soon that Fireviews can help you get famous on Youtube. Otherwise, how else will people find your videos?

How to Get Many Views on Youtube

It's really easy to get many views on Youtube when you use Fireviews lets you post anything you want. You can post a Youtube video along with a description, some pictures, a link to your Youtube channel, etc. You can use Fireviews to ask people to subscribe and get many real people to subscribe to your Youtube channel. The best part about getting views with Fireviews is that every person who views your Youtube videos will leave a comment on your Fireviews profile. Fireviews can't guarantee views of your Youtube videos, but they can guarantee views of your Fireviews profile. You will see that every person who views it will leave a comment, so you know they are real people AND you get some very high quality feedback. So as long as you post your Youtube videos to your Fireviews profile, you will definitely get many views on Youtube.

The Best Way to Get Views on Youtube

The best way to get views on youtube is to use Fireviews lets you get anything viewed really easily and quickly. You can post anything you want on Fireviews. Post your youtube videos, your favorite pictures, your blog posts, even a link to your twitter account. The great thing about Fireviews is that people will look at whatever you add to your profile and then leave you meaningful comments about it. To get people to look at your profiles, all you have to do is look at other profiles. The more profiles you look at, the more people will look at yours. It's easy and it really works, so if you need a lot more views on your Youtube videos, give Fireviews a try.

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to get your Web Comic Discovered with Fireviews

If you create a web comic, what you really want most is for people to see it and enjoy it. It's not really about the page views or selling the merchandise, it's about showing people your drawings and making them laugh. So by now you've drawn a few strips, set up a website to host them on, and showed it to a few people. They liked it, but not many people are getting to see them. Drawing a new comic every week, or every day, is a lot of hard work, especially if no one is getting to see them and appreciate them.

So where do you go to find potential new fans for your web comic? Fireviews. (
Fireviews lets you post any kind of content and make sure it gets viewed by lots of people. You could just as easily post your webcomics on other user content sites, but then no one would get to see them! You'd have just as much trouble sharing your comics with new people as on your own website. Fireviews works differently. Instead of forcing you to find your own fans, Fireviews makes sure your content gets viewed as much as you want it to. It's really easy, and it's all free. Basically, all you need to do is view other users' content too. Other users may upload their own web comics, music videos, blogs posts, you name it! You never know what kind of content you might discover while you are browsing Fireviews. Then for each thing you view, someone will view your own web comic. Even better, each person who views your comic will leave a comment and a rating. So you not only have a way to find new fans, but you get great feedback from all sorts of different people too. It's a great way to find out what people think of your artwork, what kind of people might be into it, and reach out to a ton of potential fans. Just think, if even half of the people who see your comic like it, they will each tell their own friends and your comic will spread far across the internet in the blink of an eye. The more views you earn on Fireviews, the more people get to see your comic. And earning views is really easy. Just leave your own comment on other profiles, and for each one you will get another view for your own profile. Or if you don't want to spend the time earning views manually, you can buy views in bulk for much cheaper than most normal methods of online advertising.

Here is how to get your web comics viewed on Fireviews, step by step:

  1. Sign up for an account. That's easy! Quick, free, and no hassle.
  2. Create your first profile. Just add a title and a description of your web comic. Whatever you want to catch Fireviewers' eyes. The best things to add would be your favorite comic strips to attract new readers (you can upload as many images as you want) and a link to your web comic website.
  3. Start earning views. If you're in a hurry you can buy views, but otherwise this is completely free. Just start browsing some of the other great profiles. At the bottom of each one, you will be asked to pick a rating and leave a short comment for each one. Then you'll get to see another one! For each profile you rate and comment on, you will earn another view. The best part about earning views this way is that it never gets boring. There is so much amazing content by other amateur artists and performers, you will constantly be discovering something great.
  4. Start getting viewed! Now you get to sit back and see how many new fans you can find for your web comic. Just check on your profile and read all your comments. You will be amazed at how many comments you can receive in such a short period of time.

There is no guarantee that they will all become regular readers, of course. That's up to you. If your web comic is creative enough and entertaining enough, they will definitely start to flock to it. Fireviews can give you the initial boost you need to get started finding your audience.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing Guitar and Getting Heard Online

   Learning to play the guitar is fun, but once you get good enough to perform you need to find people who will listen to you play. If you are not part of a band, it can be hard to find people who are willing to listen to your music. It's easy to record yourself playing and post it on Youtube, but how is anyone ever going to find your music? You can show your videos to your friends and family, but beyond them no one will ever find your videos. They will get buried under the countless other guitar videos on Youtube.

   This is where Fireviews can be really helpful. Fireviews can help you kickstart your Youtube guitar videos by getting them viewed as much as you want. If you need to show off your playing to 50 new people, you can easily earn the views for your youtube videos. Everyone who watches your video on Fireviews will leave a comment on your profile and give you feedback about how you can improve your playing. If you're really good already and they think you're going to be the next great rock star, they'll tel you how much they love it. Better yet, they'll tell all their friends about your video and your video will take off on its own.

   Getting started is the hard part, but Fireviews makes it really easy to get those first few views. Then if your guitar playing is good enough become popular, it will take off on its own. Good luck!

How my Music Videos on Youtube Became Popular

I create music videos for my band on Youtube. I play the bass, but I am also the only one in the group skilled with video editing. We uploaded our first video of our band playing our favorite song at a gig a few months ago. The video looked good and the band sounded great, but no one seemed to take notice. We only got 5 or 10 views in the first week, and they were mostly from our friends and ourselves, but we really wanted to get hundreds or thousands of views so our band could get famous quickly. Our second and third videos on Youtube went just as slowly.

The best thing we ever did for those videos was to post them on Fireviews. Everyone in the band made an account and started earning views. We each put a separate music video on our profile and started trying to get them viewed on Fireviews. Before we knew it, our views on Youtube of our music videos had doubled , and then tripled! We were getting dozens of views and a ton of feedback about our music. Everyone on Fireviews who watched our videos left a comment about them on our Fireviews pages. Some of those viewers must have really liked it and told a bunch of their friends, because even after we stopped using Fireviews our Youtube views kept going up. Fireviews really helped us get the word out initially, and our great music helped the videos spread from there.

Now we're getting a couple thousand views on each of our music videos. It's not exactly rock star status, but it's definitely better than when we started. We have a bunch of fans now, and we're working on our own band website for those fans. If you want to kickstart your fame, I would definitely recommend using Fireviews.

Getting your Artwork Discovered

The internet is a great place to show off your artistic creations. There are millions of art appreciators, all of which appreciate art in their own unique ways. That makes the internet like the world's biggest museum/art gallery. The problem is, there is so much art online, where do you start to show off your own? You want to be discovered as an artist, but unless you are already famous it is next to impossible to get noticed. Here are some ways to find the audience you deserve:

  • Find an Online Art Gallery Related to your Specific Form of Art
    There are some websites which will allow you to post samples of your specific medium. For example, if you are a painter, search for a website which will display amateur and professional paintings. If you are a musician, find a website that will show clips of your music. Even Youtube can be a good place to start.
  • Find your Own Audience on Fireviews
    Fireviews lets you get viewed until you find exactly the right kind of person. By posting pictures or videos of your artwork on Fireviews you can get helpful feedback from a lot of people very quickly. Soon enough, you will be able to find true appreciators of your artwork.
  • Create a Social Network "Fan Page"
    By creating a Fan Page on Facebook or a similar social network site, you can reach new fans and communicate with existing ones. This allows you to encourage your supporters to spread the word about your creations.
If you can think of more ways for artists to get noticed online, please leave your ideas in the comments.